“Very pleasant. It felt as when I was in love for the first time. I had tears flowing like then…”  


“I was aroused already by stroking the cream to my genital area. Feels like lemonade on clitoris…”  


“I have only very positive things to say about Daisy. Before I had no interest in sex. As the cream enhances my sensibility I get a lot more out of my solosex. In short: The cream makes me feel sex is enjoyable. I really do hope Daisy will become big on the market. Surely there are other persons than me who are disappointed with their sex life and have completely lost interest. We who do not have so much sensibility and have difficulties in getting satisfaction. It is obvious we do not want sex.”  


”Hi! Just wanted to say you should make lots of marketing for this fantastic cream.”  mail to us January 2004


”I have now tested Daisy under different circumstances - favourable and less favourable - to see if the cream really works or if it is something else that makes it. For my part it works terrific, that is to say just as it should. Another colleague in our division of sexology is of the same opinion. The others have not tested. So it is quite definitely something I will recommend for women.  

Yours sincerely,  

Katarina Hultkrantz  

Church Family Counseling and Division of Sexual Health”  


“Daisy is for women who want to enjoy heightened sensitivity and more intensive orgasms, but also for those who don't experience strong desire," says Ylva Franzén, sexual adviser. "Many women have experienced the full effect after just one application, and say that Daisy is the best they have ever used! But users shouldn't be disappointed if they do not notice a major difference straight away," says Ylva Franzén. "Daisy has a cumulative effect and I would recommend women to use it every night for one week, even if they are not planning to have sex".  

(Press interview with author and sexual adviser Ylva Franzén feb. 2004)


Comment from a man ordering Daisy 2004-10-04:

"This is for my girl friend who has used Daisy before and thinks it´s so god!"