How to use DAISY

You apply about 1 ml of the solution to clitoris. Of course you could take more if you want. It might take about ten minutes before the cream has an effect and it lasts for about an hour. Many women report better result when using it three or more days in succession.


DAISY works together with oestrogen. Younger women seem to get a more prompt effect than older women, who may have to use DAISY during a longer period before they attain maximal effect. DAISY has an accumulated efficacy and you can use it every night during a week though you might not have planned to have sex.


DAISY can be used as a lubricant e.g. days after menstruation. An extra advantage is that the solution contains lactic acid which improves the bacterium balance.  



Or you can apply a drop or two on the anterior vaginal wall four-five centimetres from the vaginal opening. Wait for about ten minutes. Some women are very  sensible to this stimulation and it could highly improve lubrication. In that way you can also enhance the stimulation of the G-spot (see special page) which like clitoris has erectile tissue that swells when properly stimulated.


Q: Can women who have had breast cancer use Daisy? A: Yes, the product contains no hormones. 

Q: Can Daisy be used if you have herpes? A: You should avoid using Daisy when the disease is activ. It does not go well with arginin.


DAISY can be used by women of all ages and as often as you wish. As long as you do not have a specific disease you can be safe and comfortable. If contrary to expectation any irritation or allergic reaction comes up you should stop using DAISY.  

DAISY is Patent Pending and registered at Läkemedelsverket, the Swedish correspondence to the American FDA.


Feel deserved to try DAISY! A bottle contains 40 ml/1,3 fl.oz and is enough for about 40 applications.


(The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For medical conditions, consult a licensed health practitioner.)