How Daisy works?


 DAISY has a precise local effect


 The effective substance in this solution is L-arginin. It is found naturally in certain food like maize e.g.. DAISY has a local effect when you apply it to clitoris. The arginin makes the blood-vessels relax which increases the blood flow. This leads to erection of clitoris, greater sensitivity and improved lubrication. It accelerates a process where great voluptuousness can be awakened.

 The concentration of arginin in this solution is high and therefor there is a significant distinction compared to similar products. This topical cream does not require a prescription.


 We are not all created exactly the same. Skin and mucous membrane are of different thickness, but in most women the arginin penetrates the mucous membrane. The arginin converts into ornitin and nitrogen, which makes the blood vessels relax and the blood flow increase. This leads to erection of clitoris, greater sensitivity and improved lubrication.


 For starting the process there is, however, also need for a specific enzyme that is released on a signal given by the brain when a woman starts getting aroused.  Without the lust signal from the brain the enzyme will not be released and neither DAISY nor Viagra for men will function. The efficiency of Viagra is 60-80% depending on diagnosis. DAISY cream is no miracle remedy but a topical cream with about the same efficiency. About 70% report increased sensitivity and lubrication after about 10 minutes and also more easily get multiple orgasms.


 Thanks to modern research and new knowledge of how signals are transmitted we can attain good results with ingenious simplicity without going devious ways with pills etc.