Female pleasure and desire

Daisy is for an enhanced experience of pleasure and fulfillment

L-arginin gel Daisy is intended for an enhanced sexual experience and fulfilment. Daisy can contribute to raise the dignity of womanhood, female desire and sound sexual being. As said during the WAS (World Association for Sexual Health) Congress Gothenburg June 2009 by one of the delegates referring to Daisy: ”It is of importance that a woman is happy, because then her children are happy, her husband is happy and society is happy!”


Female pleasure and desire is crucial for society. Parts of the body of both men and women are created solemnly for their pleasure. During the last decades a chain of new knowledge and insights have begun to transform the sexual life for people all over the world. One of the links in this transforming chain is the fact that we now know that:  


  • the female clitoris is much bigger and divided into different parts within the pelvis than previously assumed 
  • clitoris stimulation is fundamental for female arousal and now   
  • there has also been found new ways to enhance clitoris response to stimulation 


 Daisy is a waterbased gel that makes it easier for a woman to have a more enjoyable sex life. Daisy is a waterbased sex cream and sex gel that enhanced sexual experience.


"Daisy is for women who want to enjoy heightened sensitivity and more intensive orgasms, but also for those who don't experience strong desire," says Ylva Franzén, Swedish sexual adviser. 


Pleasure and desire for women in a little pack!


With help from enhancement gel Daisy you get a push to the desired state of arousal, lust and eroticism. 


You already know how important it is to give women sexual pleasure by lots of stimulation, a loving attitude and your attention to all of her. 


The secrets to the female orgasm can be a little more clarified if you know that a woman must have an arousal of clitoris. This is where Daisy comes to help. You apply approx. 1 ml on and around clitoris and massage it in for about five minutes. About ten minutes later blood vessels relax and get filled with blood. In other words you have an erection of clitoris. This in turn activates nerves, lubrication, sends signals to lust center in brain so on. (For both men and women it is crucial to experience lust before there can be any fysical sexual reaction. Lust releases enzymes which are essential to start the long chain of processes.)   


What does it contain?


The active ingredient is the amino acid L-arginine which increases blood flow to the genital tissue and improves sensitivity, thus leading to improved feelings of sensation. As a secondary effect lubrication will be triggered. Daisy further contains lactic acid, which is good for the bacterial balance. It comes in a tempting kiwi flavor.  


Who is it for?


Daisy is for anyone who finds it difficult to have an orgasm or who just wants to spice up sex life. It can be used by women of all ages, as often as they like.  


Daisy seems to interact with the estrogen level in the body. Younger women often feel the effect more quickly than older women, who may have to use Daisy for a longer period to achieve the maximum effect.  


Is it safe to use?


Daisy, designed for women´s sexual pleasure, is safe to use and manufactured in a Swedish laboratory in accordance with good manufacturing practice.  Daisy clitoral stimulation cream has a good impact on the sensitiveness of clitoris for stimulation. It is a clear, safe and viscous solution with natural components. You can feel safe and secure when using Daisy and at the same time enjoy more pleasure from erotic sensuality. Joy and delight influence all your ego, your immune defence, complexion, state of mind, well-being... 


Here´s what Daisy does:


  • Enhances blood flow and causes erection of clitoris.  


  • This is parallel to the male erection and both are the result of increased blood supply to this area. Having achieved this state it can lead to intense excitement and climaxes.


  • Active ingredient L-arginin is even available in food in low concentration. Components are natural and safe.


  • Contains Lactic acid, which provides a healthy bacterial balance.  


  • Taste of fruit gives enjoyable and playful approach.


  • Produced in a Swedish  laboratory under GMP or good manufacturing practices. Safe and controlled production.  


  • Delivered in a luxury and beautiful soft-touched bottle appealing to feminine sensuality. The beauty of the bottle helps to open her deeper innermost feelings and sense of comfort.  


  • Needs no prescription. You can buy via internet and have it discretely sent to your address.  


  • Waterbased, pH-balanced smooth topical cream. Natural silky non-greasy consistency. Easy to wash off. Condom compatible.  


  • Many women in Sweden report they have at last found a super climax cream improving women's sex drive. You can follow their experience. 


  • Activates lubrication so you normally don’t have to use another lubrication cream. 


  • Has no faked effect caused by burning sensation from mint, menthol or similar stimuli.  


  • No pills to take.


  • Daisy is a clear, safe and viscous clitoris-stimulating cream, which is topically applied and works precisely where it should. This is a simple and harmless way of increasing women's sexual pleasure and enjoyment.  


  • The beauty of the bottle opens for sensuality just like a nice perfume bottle, but your partner will surely be more seduced by these drops of passion liquid than any perfume could accomplish, yet Daisy is probably not more expensive! Women´s Health Magazine approves of Daisy>>



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